Is your shipping really free?

Yes. All orders shipped to the continental U.S. are sent by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, FREE. Customers in Hawaii or Alaska or around the world will be upgraded to UPS 2-3 Day Air for an additional fee. There is never a mark-up on shipping cost. If you would like your mats shipped faster or live outside the continental U.S., please call or email us at 888-JTAM-MATS for a quote.

Where do your mats ship from?

All of our mats are supplied by The Anderson Company in Georgia. We do stock some items at our office location in Hudson, WI.

Are your mats certified slip resistant?

Yes the following mats are all certified by the National Floor Safety Institute : Waterhog, AirFlex, Brush Hog, Classic Impressions, Colorstar, Colorstar Computuft, Colorstar Crunch, Comfort Flow and Scrape, Happy Feet, Hog Heaven, Safety and Super Scrape, Traction Tread, Traction Hog, and Tri Grip.

Do you carry other products other than what you have on your website?

Absolutely Yes. We list only our most popular products online, if you want something you don't see, give us the opportunity to find it for you! If we can't - we'll try and point you in the right direction.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. We offer very aggressive discounts on all school, government, construction or other large orders. Discounts are available on most products if you order 7 or more! If you think your order may qualify for a quantity discount, please call us at 888-JTAM-MATS or email us for a quote.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Mats by JayTam™ warranty is easy: Our mats are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturer's defects for a period of one year. In addition, our mats feature a 100% customer satisfaction warranty for the life of the product!

Which is a better backing - vinyl or rubber?

Nitrile rubber backing is the absolute best. It is the most flexible, and most tolerant to temperature changes. It is also resistant to grease, oil, and many chemicals. Nitrile rubber with not crack or curl and it is the only rubber that is launder-able. Some of our mats also come in SBR rubber which is also very good, but it is not grease or chemical resistant and cannot be laundered. At Mats by JayTam™ we offer both Nitrile and SBR Rubber. We also have some vinyl mats for the cost conscience buyer. Vinyl is a less expensive option, but does not last as long – nor is very tolerable to temperature changes. Mats with vinyl backing will eventually chip on the edges, curl and become brittle in cold weather. In some cases, vinyl-backed mats can also stain wood, linoleum, marble, ceramic tile, slate and carpet floors.

Which mat is best for my front door?

The best-selling mat is the Waterhog Premier. We are confident in recommending this mat for just about any entry. The Waterhog Premier works as both a scraper and an absorbent mat. It does an excellent job of stopping moisture and dirt. It also has a very attractive look!

Do mats from Mats by JayTam™, Inc. meet ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements?


What is the average shipping time on a non-logo mat order?

Average ship times for all orders for non-logo mats is approximately 2.7 working days from the time the order was entered.

What is the average shipping time on a logo mat order?

Our average shipping time for all logo mat orders is approximately 6.6 working days from the time we had approval. Art proofs on new logo mat designs are sent out within 3 working days.

With the new OSHA ergonomic requirements coming into effect do Mats by JayTam™, Inc. anti-fatigue mats comply with these new standards?

OSHA has not set forth any standards regulating anti-fatigue mats; however, our anti-fatigue mats may be used in an ergonomic program to help eliminate MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) problems. For more in depth information please refer to OSHA 29CFR1910-900.

Are there special widths available other than those that are listed?

The sizes listed represent all available widths. 6' is the maximum width available due to machinery limitations except for the Waterhog Premier Roll Goods and the WaterHog Tile product which allows you to custom install the necessary size.

Are special lengths available?

Yes, through the use of our seaming process we can offer most any length up to 60' on the following styles; WaterHog Classic™, WaterHog Fashion™, Masterpiece™, TriGrip™ and Colorstar™, and many of the anti-fatigue brands.

How do I determine the best mat for the application?

See Mat Facts. If you still have questions call or email 888-JTAM-MATS and we will assist you.

Is there a setup charge for new logos?

NO! When developing a new logo you are allowed one art proof and one revision of that art proof at no charge.

Does Mats by JayTam™, Inc. have any existing logos to choose from?

Yes, on our website we have a logo database with over 200,000 different logo images.

Is it possible to send logo artwork by Email?

Yes, please see instructions here.

Will high heel shoes catch in the depressions in WaterHog™ mats?

The WaterHog™ mat has been in use since 1986 and walking on the surface of this mat with high heel shoes has not proven to be a problem. We believe that this is due in part to the design of the WaterHog™ mat with its rubber reinforced face pattern and the narrow gaps between these raised surfaces. Combine this design feature with the beveled border and you have a safe walking surface that effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture away from the traffic level. Containing the dirt and moisture on the mat greatly improves the safety of the surrounding floor surfaces.

Are Mats by JayTam™, Inc. mats static dissipative?

Listed are some of the many mat products that are static dissipative or anti-static.

Static Dissipative Mats: Tri-Grip™, ColorStar Crunch™, ColorStar™, ColorStar Computuft™, Classic Impressions™, and Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue™.

Anti-Static Mats: WaterHog Grand Premier™, WaterHog Diamond Cord™, WaterHog™ Premier/Fashion, WaterHog™ Classic/Fashion, WaterHog™ Classic/Premier Tile, WaterHog™ Logo Inlay and Masterpiece Select™.

Do Mats by JayTam™, Inc. mats move on carpet or hard surfaces?

Many of our mats are manufactured with small rubber cleats on the bottom to increase non-skid on hard surfaces and to reduce movement on carpeted floor surfaces. In some cases these cleats will eliminate movement on carpet depending on the type of carpet and the usage. In those cases that it does not reduce or eliminate movement we have two products that can be used. MagnaGrip and Miracle Hold.