G-Floor Levant Pattern Parking Pad Garage Floor Protector

G-Floor Levant Pattern Parking Pad Garage Floor Protector
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Keep your garage, shop or basement floor looking like new with G-Floor Revolutionary Floor Protector in the Levant Pattern - which is a smooth, leather like texture! Guard your floor year round from corrosive road materials such as anti-freeze, oil, salt and battery acid.

Mats by JayTam, Inc. will meet or beat any competitor pricing! Save 5% on each if you purchase 2 or more mats. Also available in custom sizes - call or email to order -$1.71 per square foot in standard grade or $2.34 per square foot in commercial grade

•Prevents concrete deterioration.

•Reduces dust travel and withstands most contaminants found in garage and working environments.

•Provides anti-fatigue benefits for your feet and back.

•Hides cracks and stains.

•Insulates and reduces noise.

•Provides moisture barrier and vapor barrier.

•Available in Standard Grade - 55 mil (approx 0.055" base thickness).

•Available in Commercial Grade - 75 mil (approx 0.075" base thickness).

Easy to move and/or easy to install. Easily cut for custom install, or just lay as a mat. Can be cleaned inside or outside of your garage. Non-porous surface allows easy cleanup of oil and other fluids, and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Limitless applications in Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Designed to provide years of service. Specially Formulated 100% solid polyvinyl material.

Minimum purchase may apply on custom sizes. This is NOT a stain-proof product.