WaterHog Premier Tile - 7/16"

WaterHog Premier Tile - 7/16"
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WaterHog Premier Tile - 7/16"

•WaterHog Premier Tile has a 50% heavier face yarn than WaterHog Classic Tile, which makes it ideal for use in the most demanding applications.

•Unique ridged rubber reinforced design traps dirt and wicks moisture beneath the shoe level so that it is not tracked into your facility.

•Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs extend the performance life by maintaining the bi-level construction in the pattern.

•The anti-static 100% premium polypropylene fiber system will dry quickly, and will not fade or rot.

•When wet, the rubber reinforced surface allows water to be wicked to the bottom of the pattern reducing the moisture that can be tracked back onto shoes and minimizing slip hazards.

•Dimensional stability guaranteed by special non-thermoplastic Tri-Gripô rubber backing.

•Available in 2 thicknesses: 1/4"(12 tiles per case) or 7/16" (10 tiles per case).

•Three patterns available: Diagonal, Diamond and Geometric.

•Damaged or worn tiles can be replaced easily.

•Install with solvent-free permanent adhesive.

•Anti-static fiber system has a maximum average voltage of 1.6KV so these tiles are safe to use in computer rooms and around electrical equipment.

•Also great to put in recessed well area in entrances.